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About Us

We’re Jeff Larose and Chris Chartrand.
We live in Canada and are having a lot of fun writing software like URL Scraper

I’ll try to add a bit more here in the future but its getting late.



Contact Us

We’ve set up an email address for anyone wishing to contact us.
Either sales or support at will eventually make its way to us.
Choose whichever is more appropriate.

Jeff Larose

Privacy Statement

Thanks for checking out our website
We are interested in you having a safe feeling on our website so here are some of the details.

If you come to this website typical information is collected by the webserver like your IP address, the time you visited the website, and other mundane information. This is pretty typical of any website you go to. We can put this information into statistical tools like Google Analytics or awstats and figure out stuff like what countries people come from and the number of people visiting our website. This is normal and you can look up google analytics or awstats if you are interested in finding out more.

If you buy our product then it will interact with a registration server to enforce the length of subscriptions.

If you require more information then drop us a line at sales or support at (whichever is most appropriate)


Jeff Larose