Finding Quality Links is hard

You Are Going To LOVE URL Scraper!

What To Expect From URL Scraper

  • The ability to harvest top-quality URL’s
  • Powerful pre-filter control
  • Granular control over result output fields, sorting and merging
  • Built in scheduler
  • Multi-threaded with full proxy support

Getting started with URL Scraper

  • Registration made simple: Video | PDF
  • Validating your software: Video | PDF
  • Changing your primary email address: Video | PDF
  • Uninstalling how to and why: Video | PDF

Using URL Scraper

  • Grabbing some URL’s: An introduction Video | PDF
  • Setting up pre-filters for quality results Video | PDF
  • Searching multiple queries at once Video | PDF
  • Configuring and using proxy servers Video | PDF
  • Customizing your output data Video | PDF
  • Scheduling a URL scrape Video | PDF
  • Filters: inclusive and exclusive filtering Video | PDF

Suggested Usages

  • Article submissions
  • Blog submissions
  • Research tool
  • SEO research tool

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